Why Today is Important to Me (Part II)

On this day, many years ago, my baby brother was born as the best Fathers Day Gift he could ever ask for. Dad already had 3 girls and when this boy was born, the man was all teeth and chest. He named him Lloyd; a name that impressed him after the last guy he had enlisted into the Army. 

I was the oldest of Lloyd’s “guhl-lies” (girlies) and he was the one who I sided with when the four of us squared off in sibling rivalry matches. He was my blond-haired, blue-eyed living baby doll and I’ve never stopped seeing him as adorable. We would dress him up like a girl and he would patiently let us, loving all the attention. You know, until Dad put a stop to that by threatening to put anyone on restriction that dressed his boy up in girls clothes. He was ornery and sweet and cute and funny and one of my favorite people in the whole world. Frankly, he still is. 

We’ve spent more time apart than together over the years, and while this makes me a little sad, I know that all it takes is us being in the same room again for 5 minutes (sometimes less) and we are laughing again and enjoying each others company. I love his love of bicycles, wearing shorts in all seasons, baseball, reading, and homemade blueberry pie. Lloyd and I are both into gardening, he much more than me, and being laid back and letting others just BE is important to us both. I wish I could be even more like him in that regard. 

My brother is an amazing and awesome guy. I love him and I wish him the happiest of birthdays. 



About ~SPRH

Laughter is my beauty cream and I bask in it daily. Looking for the good in others is not just a hobby, but a way of life. Embracing my crazy is how I medicate and it's addictive. Try some? Also, I apparently talk in "bumper sticker" sometimes.
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One Response to Why Today is Important to Me (Part II)

  1. Lyra says:

    He is pretty awesome. In fact your whole family radiates awesomeness.

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