Here I Go, Starting Over Again

Well, here I am attempting to start over with my blog on a different site! I am somewhat unfamiliar with WordPress but my friend and fellow blogger, Nuala Reilly, (author of AUTUMN VIOLETS and WINTER JASMINE) swears by it.  So I am giving it a shot. Only I’m ONLY using photographs and images that I personally take or from my own personal collection and I’m copyrighting everything so I don’t have any asshats turning me in for copyright infringement due to use of images taken from FREE sharing sites…..whatever. I digress.

So, here is the latest “newsy stuff” to get out of the way. I finally have all 5 kids enrolled full-time in school which means, (drum roll please)  I MAY GET BACK TO WRITING!

I received my invitation (read: challenge) to take on the *NaNoWriMo event next month to attempt to complete or at least complete a good portion of my novel. And I’m thinking, “It’s on!”

So I will get back to getting my WRITE ON starting tomorrow and get all my software programs needed to make this manuscript a reality! I have taken nearly a year off and my fingers are itching to hit the keyboard again!

*NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month (November) and more information can be found when you CLICK HERE!


About ~SPRH

Laughter is my beauty cream and I bask in it daily. Looking for the good in others is not just a hobby, but a way of life. Embracing my crazy is how I medicate and it's addictive. Try some? Also, I apparently talk in "bumper sticker" sometimes.
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One Response to Here I Go, Starting Over Again

  1. Lana Marin says:

    Write on! Glad to see you are set up.

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